Friday, April 17, 2009

More Pictures and Flashback Friday

No, my computer still is unfixed. =0( At least I do know that it is the operating system, I just need to make sure all of my files are backed up so that I do not lose anything (I have photos that are not on another disk). I know, always make sure the files are backed up, I just didn't save anything to a disk the past 2 months. Anyway, that will cost about $100 just to do that . . . so, I am waiting to have the funds available. =0)

Anyway, here is what I do have . . .

Isaiah's most recent ER visit (taken from my cell phone, Wednesday):
Still mostly unresponsive . . .
After he woke up during x-rays (they were making sure there was no internal bleeding from the procedures) . . . still very pale, but feeling much better (he was playing with some toys the ER nurse gave him while he was sleeping). =0)
Isaiah's ER visit last year around this time.

My little goober and his "Robot" - he was unhooked by this point, but he still wheeled it around with him. =0)

Sorry, these are the most recent pics I have right now, and he looked so peaceful in the first one - I'm glad he was able to rest, as unsettling as it was for me to watch. Hasn't he grown so much over the past year? It's amazing!!! =0)

I will have a few more pictures to post later of Isaiah and his cool outfit. =0)

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