Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pictures I Promised

Easter Egg Hunt =0)

Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital - this is where Isaiah went to for the procedures and to see the pediatric gastrointernologist (GI).

Before the procedure (and before the "robot" . . . IV). He's displaying his, "I'm not so sure about this, Mom, but since they gave me Diego stickers . . . " smile. =0)

Listening to the anesthesiologist - she thought Isaiah was adorable (of course). =0) This was at the beginning of the flushing episodes and the disco-light spots (they would appear, disappear, and show up in different areas - so weird).

Our view from the surgery waiting room - this is Winnie Palmer's Hospital for Women. Isn't it cool??? By the way, we were having severe storms at the same time Isaiah was going through his procedures. There were tornados just south of where we live.

Still recovering from anesthesia . . . I don't think Isaiah has ever slept this good. =0)

He's awake and smiling! =0)

Yup, humor in tact! =0)

I just love this face! =0)

Our post-op visit of the lobby where the trains were. AP also has a "Disney" section, where they have a statue of Dumbo, the Three Little Pigs, a castle, huge trees (they're fake), and a pirate ship (outside). I'm sure there was more, but Isaiah needed to take it easy. We'll visit that portion of the hospital when we go back for Isaiah's check up . . . I'll take pictures. =0)

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