Friday, April 3, 2009

Please Pray for Gavin

Just a quick update on Gavin. Carla posted an update on Gavin earlier today:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Update by Mom
Hi everyone,Gavin is doing okay. They started an IV late last night and it has been running fluids into him non stop. They took more blood and his red blood counts, hemglobin, hematocrit, and MCV are all really low. The endoscopy is at 3 pm today and we will decide the next steps after that.He is doing really well considering. He is being so sweet to all the nurses and doctors and cooperating with all the numerous pokes he has had so far. His sweet and content attitude makes this less difficult to deal with. The nurses are really awesome and we are in a really nice room all by ourselves--we are tremendously blessed, even IN this.Thanks for the continued or Angela will keep you all posted.xoxo


If you look on the right of the screen, I have several buttons with pictures of various children . . . one of them is Gavin. I met Carla through my blog and have gotten to know her through e-mail and through her blog. Gavin has Systemic Mastocytosis (as does Carla and Chelsey) along with Antral G-cell Hyperplasia (a stomach disorder). Antral G-Cell Hyperplasia is very serious, in that it causes an excess of acid in the stomach - so much so that Gavin was receiving more than an adult's dose of antiacids and meds to decrease the production of acid.

Last night, Carla left a message on Facebook that they had to take Gavin to the hospital last night. He had labs done a little bit ago, and his blood work shows that Gavin is bleeding internally. His doctor called Carla to tell them to go to the hospital immediately and to be prepared to stay for a while. They started an IV last night and will do an emergency endoscopy this morning to see what's going on. It is possible that Gavin may need an emergency gastrecotmy and vagotomy (removal of a portion of his stomach and a severing/removal of the nerve that tells the stomach to produce acid).

Please keep Gavin, Carla (Gavin's mom), Tim (Gavin's dad), and Chelsey (Gavin's sister) in your prayers.

Here is the latest from Carla's blog:

Gavin admitted to Miller Children's hospital
Hi all,
I am posting on behalf of Carla to let you know that Gavin has been admitted to Miller Children's hospital. Gavin will most likely be having an IV placed tonight. This is something that does trigger his mastocytosis to react. He will be having his endoscopy tomorrow at 3 pm. this means that he will not be about to eat at all tomorrow. Please pray for Gavin and for wisdom for the doctors and nurses. Gavin is happy this evening please pray for this to continue.
Thank you

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