Monday, April 20, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

(Sorry if you received this twice - it decided to post before I even wrote anything). =0)

Even though the past week was rough, I have some rather funny "Not Me's" to post. It's actually quite encouraging to know that I still have something funny from this past week - from Isaiah. Even when Isaiah is feeling absolutely horrible, he still manages to keep his humor in tact. =0)

Welcome to "Not Me!" Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not leave our fishies with a food block so they could eat any time they wanted to . . . nor did the pleco (the very same fish that I thought was going to fishie heaven several months ago) eat the entire block, leaving none for the other fish. The pleco is still not bullying the other fish during feeding time and this is not uncommon behavior for this type of fish. I mean, c'mon, the fish even eats (sorry, inhales) food on the surface of the water - this fish should be re-named Pig-Fish (his name is Whale-Fish)! =0) Although, I must admit, the fish is beginning to live up to it's name . . . he's huge!!! =0) Oh, yeah, and I do not have completely strange fish. =0) (must have something to do with green water . . . ) =0)

Isaiah did not attack Ye-Ye when he got home last night and tell him about his eventful week. He also did not tell Ye-Ye that he went to the doctors and his tummy growled and "got bubbly, an when I went a da potty I ppppppppplt!" =0) My little man is not that graphic! (By the way, he also did not repeat the story seconds later, either!!!) =0)

Isaiah did not get feisty while he was in recovery after the procedures and pull out his breathing tube. Nope, not my little boy. I mean it's not like he pulled it out just so he could have his "pass-ah-dur" (pacifier) or anything. =0)

Isaiah did not tell the anesthesiologist and nurses (before the procedures) and ER staff (after he woke up from his episodes) about his bad tooth, nope not my little man! He wouldn't tell anybody about that!!! ;0) They did not look completely perplexed by his explanation of the bad tooth, either. =0)

Isaiah did not stare off into the corner at in the doctor's office, slightly freaking out the ped, while he pointed at the imaginary "wo-bot in outter pace!" The doctor did not look at me wide-eyed and confused as he was searching for some kind of explanation either. I did not begin laughing as I explained to the poor man that Isaiah was talking about Wall-E and that he was obsessed with the whole robot (wo-bot) and space (pace) concept. After my brief explanation, the doctor did not bust out laughing and shake his head . . . by the way, this is the doc that reminds me of House. =0) My kid and making people laugh . . . =0)

I did not buy the socks to match this adorable outfit (which I also did not purchase simply because it matches his bright-blue shoes with holes . . . which I purchased that way on purpose). =0)

I wouldn't purchase those socks, even if they are on sale. Why would I do that? Sure, they go with the outfit and look absolutely adorable on him, but they are of no use whatsoever . . . even if they only cost a couple of dollars at Target. Of course, they do make really good anti-itching guards . . . hmmmmm. =0) (Oh, yeah - these are the photos I promised to post, too) =0)

Isaiah was singing his "Soccer" song (from the Backyardigans) =0)

I am not posting this, again, at 2-something in the morning (okay, so now it's 3-something in the morning) . . . on Tuesday (it was Monday when I started the post). =0) Really, that's not "Not Me!" Monday, is it? Besides, I always go to bed early and never stay up late . . . even if I have a ton of homework . . . =0)


Quick Update:

Isaiah is doing much better today. It seems like he is having a little trouble recovering from the last episode, but it was the second episode within a few days and his heart was more involved the second time. However, he seemed to have more energy than he did yesterday. He is still not eating well, though - I even made his favorite - special chocolate chip pancakes! He took a few bites and said, "all done!" Apart from that, he had a 2 bites of his burger and 3 mini-ears of corn for dinner. He has been drinking, so at least he's getting something. I am hoping his appetite returns soon, because he's starting to look like a skeleton! Seriously, he has lost weight again. It could have been because of the procedures and not eating for almost 2 days, along with the 2 anaphylaxis episodes this week, but he has lost a lot of weight for a little guy.

Sorry for such a dark photo, but I was also trying to maintain privacy =0)

Please continue to keep him in your prayers!!

I also want to remind you to continue to pray for Emerson, Gavin, and Stellan.

Emerson had her multi-organ transplant on Thursday morning and is doing well. She has been extubated and continues to breathe on her own. She is having a few complications (rashes, high blood pressure, pain, insulin issues), but she is recovering from a major surgery. Please pray that she will continue to recover and that there won't be any complications.

Gavin is home!! His blood tests show that his anemia was a complication with malabsorbtion from the masto and antral G-cell hyperplasia, and not caused by aggressive systemic masto (mast cell leukemia) - thank God!!! He will, however, require strong iron supplementation until his bone marrow recovers, which could cause complications with the masto and anaphylaxis. Please pray for his healing, no anaphylaxis, and no more complications (I hope I have all of that right, Carla). =0}

Stellan is still in the hospital with SVT. As it stands right now, Stellan will be going in for surgery in the morning around 8:00 (Boston time). The doctor wants to do some preliminary mapping before he considers the surgery (an ablation - which is not performed often on infants). Please remember Stellan, Dr. A and his team, and Stellan's parents as tomorrow approaches and the procedures take place. Please also continue to pray for Stellan's healing.

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stitching under oaks said...

wow. We had company in for a week and I feel like so much has been going on with you. I just read and got caught up on your blog. I hope Isaiah is doing better. Even better now! We've been praying. We'll keep praying. I'm so amazed with your bravery and your courage. Keep walkin' step after another. We're here praying you along on your journey.