Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Update and a Photo . . . for Wordless Wednesday =0)

I just love this photo . . . even with his fake smile =0)

Flushing in his sleep
Isaiah Update:

Sorry for not posting in a bit - things have been a little crazy around here. =0) Isaiah's leg pain reached a new high for him this past week - Monday to be exact. He couldn't sleep very well at all and was screaming from the pain. Tylenol, the only pain medicine we can give him, didn't even touch it. In fact, neither could I - he wouldn't let you touch his legs because they hurt that badly. I ended up holding the blankets off his legs just so he could stay warm but not have anything touching his legs. So, on Monday, we went to see the local allergist. I couldn't bear to see Isaiah go through the hives, itching, congestion any longer - I felt so bad for him.

Isaiah's local allergist decided to increase the amount of hydroxyzine Isaiah was taking - he now gets it at least 3 times a day, and a dose or so in the middle of the night when needed. It's hard to imagine that the absence of nasonex could be doing all of this - so the added hydroxyzine might be here for a while. The allergist thinks the nasonex could have intensified the situation, but she isn't too sure that it's the only reason Isaiah is going through this. As she said, Isaiah is just one of those medical mysteries so it's hard to tell what's going on in his little body. We are also going to go to the pediatrician to see if maybe they will do an x-ray or something - maybe that will give us a few answers as to what is going on with the leg pain (which could be masto-related).

Anyway, the hydroxyzine during the day seems to help with some of the rashes and hives, but you can soooooo tell when it wears off - especially in the middle of the night. It is helping, though. As his allergist said, there's not much else they can put him on right now - he's on a good bit of anti-histamines already. We have even switched from liquid zyrtec to a pill so that we can avoid alcohol and preservatives in at least one med.

As far as the congestion, Isaiah has a sinus infection. However, since he was on an antibiotic not too long ago, the doctor wanted to try something else first. We are doing nasal washes twice a day with saline and then using the mupirocin (the topical antibiotic that we use on his rashes) in his nose. Hopefully, that will help.

I will do my best to keep you posted . . . and if I hear one more person make fun of Isaiah for moving his head around "like Stevie Wonder" I'm going to give them an earful! Talk about frustrating and so unfair to Isaiah! I wish I had a good comeback for people when they say that stuff. Unfortunately, my mind works a little slower - I think too much, and don't always say enough. Any good ideas???

Please pray that Isaiah continues to stay out of the ER and hospital - we are so thankful we haven't had an anaphylaxis episode!!! Also continue to pray that it stays that way - things weren't looking too promising this past week, but it's so encouraging to know that the God we serve can do ALL things and hears us.


My Dad:

I know some of you are wondering how my dad is doing. Well, he's doing okay - not so good, but has been worse. He really hasn't felt all that well the past few days - he sleeps for a little bit at night, then has a rough time the rest of the night. He says he hasn't been getting much sleep at all. He is irritable, he's not himself, and he's just . . . not very happy right now. I miss his smile and laughter, too. He's just not feeling good. About the only one that gets him to crack a smile every now and then is Isaiah - that child really knows how to make a person laugh! =0)

My dad doesn't say much either. For anyone who knows my dad, he's such a social person - he can't stand not talking to people. He'll talk on the phone if someone calls, but he really doesn't make much of an effort to call anyone. He will also talk a little if one of his friends comes by, but again, he just doesn't make the effort to go and see them. He even falls asleep during conversations with at least one of his friends (one of a few that visit almost every day)! The poor guy ends up talking to whomever will listen! Kind of funny, but not. =0) Anyway, the one thing my dad said this past week during dinner was, "We should all just go ahead and die. Just get it over with - it's too painful." I was shocked! My dad never talks like that - he's always said the opposite, always saying to stay positive. I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better.

Anyway, please keep praying for him - that he finds peace, joy, and faith. That he just doesn't forget that God isn't punishing him and that God hasn't forgotten him. I know that deep down he knows that, but he really needs to remember that through the rough times.

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Melanie (Allergy Family) said...

I'm just now catching this. I hope Isaiah is doing a bit better by now. So sorry to hear that he is in that much pain, I hate when the little ones feel like that.