Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Update: Hives and the itchies

I think I wrote a little about how each of Isaiah's meds were prescribed to treat one thing, but still helped other problems a little bit ago . . . I think. Anyway, because Isaiah is going to have an endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy in about a month, the GI specialist wanted Isaiah off the steroids - at least the nasonex. Well, two days later, we started seeing the effects of being off nasonex. You wouldn't think of it being a big deal - it's just for your nose. However, Isaiah does ingest the steroid in nasonex (which just happens to be one that is also used in one of his topical meds - mometasone).

So, along with a stuffy nose (that won't allow him to sleep), he is getting hives on a daily basis. With these hives, Isaiah is getting a red rash. He even gets hives in the middle of the night - I am sooooo glad hives aren't listed on the Epi Pen protocol. Last night, he had hives at least twice, along with flushing. It stinks. The poor guy itches almost constantly, and strangely enough (or not so strangely), the leg cramps have returned (bone pain).

He's such a trooper, though. He still wakes up (at least when he finally decides to give up on trying to sleep) with a smile on his face, giggling, and singing (or chanting - he has some sounds he likes to make). It's still so hard to see him go through this, though. You can completely tell when it's time to take his next dose of meds - he starts getting rashy. The hives, well, they just come and go. When they appear, we give him benadryl or hydroxyzine (depending on if we are at home or out), and then watch him carefully. Generally, the hives go away and things improve, but you can tell it's starting to wear on him - he's irritable. He even has swollen eyes and a rash on his eyelids.

I am so thankful that we have not had to use the Epi, but I am at the same time scared that it's coming. His body goes through these weird cycles, and it looks like it's going in one of those cycles . . . I hate that feeling.

Well, I think he's up again - I will post more in the morning (there's more to post). Please keep praying for the little guy.


Melanie (Allergy Family) said...

I'm sorry to hear that Isaiah is so miserable right now. I hope this next month passes soon and he can get started back on the Nasonex.

stitching under oaks said...

I get hives and I can so relate to that miserable feeling. I can't say I'm always smiling when I have hives. Sounds like Isaiah is a great little trooper. I'll be praying for Isaiah, that the hives will go away...for good.