Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday and a Prayer Request

Prayers for Stellan

Prayer request first . . . little Stellan is back in the hospital. Initially he went to the ER for a cold - he was having some trouble breathing. After two nebulizer treatments with albuterol (an asthma med also used to treat lung inflammation), and getting ready for discharge, he slipped into SVT - the very same form of tachycardia Stellan experienced in the womb. He was transported to the nearest children's hospital where he is receiving IV meds that still aren't helping. To read more on Stellan, and to receive updates, please visit McMama's blog (click on her name or Stellan's name to visit). You can also click on Stellan's button to go directly to her page to read the newest update on Stellan.


Wordless Wednesday

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