Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anaphylaxis Stinks!

I can remember, 4 years ago, begging and pleading for God to make Isaiah make his appearance. =0) I remember driving to the doctors office thinking, "I'm sick of this bed rest. My left side hurts. I just want to see my baby!" I hoped that maybe, just maybe, they would finally tell me to go to the hospital because Isaiah was going to make his entrance into this world today. Well, the doctor made me go to the hospital because he thought I'd had enough - Isaiah was 5 days overdue and he was causing blood pressure issues (little did we know it was his size that was causing those issues). Finally!!! =0) Anyway, I drove to the hospital only to wait until the next evening to actually see my little man's face.

Well, today I found myself back in the hospital. Only this time, it was the ER and it wasn't for the most joyous of occasions. Isaiah anaphylaxed again this morning. I feel so bad for the little guy, and I felt almost helpless . . . except for God's strength. I feel like I am getting use to the concept of giving an Epi . . . I can't say that I'm completely used to it, though - I ended up shaking and crying later. Isaiah didn't even eat anything (nor drink anything) this morning - he just didn't seem to have an appetite. I gave him all of his meds and an hour and a half later he was vomiting, having trouble breathing, and turned blue. No noticeable swelling, no hives, very little flushing. Just the look of fear in his eyes.

I gave the Epi, gave him a nice dose of Benadryl, and cleaned him up while praying, praying, praying. Thankfully, he never lost consciousness - he kept those beautiful eyes open the whole time. He did so well. In less than a minute, Isaiah was breathing well again. Within a few more minutes the ambulance arrived to transport us to the hospital (and yes, we recognized the medic from a previous ER trip).

Once we got to the hospital, Isaiah was doing so much better. His color was returning and his blood pressure was almost normal - you could barely tell anything had happened . . . except his tummy still hurt and he had a head ache. =0(

I can say that we have had more "pleasant" trips to the ER - I was told that I gave the Epi unnecessarily and that my definitions of anaphylaxis and lethargy were incorrect. I was also told that Isaiah was turning blue because he was holding his breath and that his vomiting was "just a kid thing." What!?! Apparently, not all doctors (especially ER doctors) know what anaphylaxis is nor lethargy (which just so happens to mean "abnormal drowsiness, the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent" according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary) are, at least in the fullness of the definition. I do want to add, it wasn't a nurse who made me feel like I was making mountains out of mole hills (to steal a phrase from my dad), but it was the doctor! A quick call to Isaiah's allergists straightened everything out . . . and the doctor will receive a packet of information on what these terms really mean.

I was already feeling horrible that my baby anaphylaxed again . . . twice in about 3 weeks . . . 4 times in the past 2 months . . . what am I doing wrong? The doc really didn't need to add to that by being rude. I was also told that Epis don't work that fast and that the Epi was already out of his system by the time we got to the hospital, so why was Isaiah doing so well if it were anaphylaxis? Hmmm, let's see . . . anaphylaxis, Epi administered, Benadryl actually given and stayed in his tummy long enough to be absorbed. Sorry for the added emotions - he really irked me. I guess it's one of those, "don't mess with my baby," things. Needless to say, the doctor is being investigated . . . this is also the second time we have seen that particular doctor . . . we had a similar experience with him before.

Anyway, back to Isaiah. Isaiah is doing much, much better. He was bouncing around as if nothing had happened . . . sort of. He was irritable, which is to be expected, but at least he doesn't seem to be swelling or anything like that. He didn't eat too well, but that's to be expected, too. At least he doesn't seem too tired. Thank God.

I can't begin to tell you how comforted I was by God this afternoon. Every time I thought that I wasn't doing enough for Isaiah God redirected my thoughts. He even kept me sane throughout the whole ordeal. My brain worked with me, even though I was tired to begin with (I was up late last night and got up earlier than usual). I didn't even feel nauseous (though you'd think I'd be over that one by now). =0} And Isaiah - he was so calm after the Epi (he was crying and asking to see a doctor). God is amazing. I'm glad He's my sanity and my peace.

Anyway, please keep Isaiah in your prayers. We are still waiting on the platelet count . . . hopefully tomorrow . . . =0)

More tomorrow . . . =0) - Happy early birthday, my Isaiah!!! =0)


Carla said...

Oh sweety, I am so sorry!! How horrible for you guys to have to go through so often! And that doctor--what an idiot. Did you file a complaint with the liscensing board?

((((Hugs)))), and praying for relief for you guys.

BTW I was thinking that you said IV fluids help sometimes but that sometimes it makes it worse--does he always get normal saline or does he get the dextran solution? Dextran is a trigger, and the preservative that is in the IV fluids is a trigger. Have you ever tried normal saline that is preservative free? I only ask because it's the only reason that Gavin hasn't needed an epi pen.

Administering IV fluids into the cells prevents third spacing if you do it when they aren't reacting--they will actually be more tolerant of triggers, and it reverses it if they are already reacting. Third spacing is a huge contributer to going into shock, so it makes a big difference.

I just wonder if something about the way he was given it triggered him and if it was adminstered differnetly, maybe it would work well. Just a thought....I'm praying for you!


stitching under oaks said...

I wish wellness for Isaiah for his birthday and all the days that follow! Happy Birthday Isaiah! Hang in there Kelly. We're holding you up in prayer! We love you guys!