Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Epi and Another ER Visit

Isaiah had another rough evening that required an Epi pen and a trip to the hospital - with no known/obvious cause (not all that unusual for Isaiah). This time he was awake enough to comment on the fire engine and ambulance that came to see him. =0) While I don't like the idea that he anaphylaxed again, it was good to see him more alert this time - we caught it early and he was getting his bedtime doses at about the same time he anaphylaxed (they would have started working at about the same time the ambulance arrived). As with the past few episodes, he had issues with his heart rate and BP again, but at least he was responsive. He didn't even vomit this time - he had edema in his face (lips, eyes, hands), the disco-light spots, flushing (everywhere), a slight fever (not unusual with anaphylaxis), leg pain, tummy pain, and breathing issues (he had the early sounds of rales - I have no idea if I spelled that correctly). The Epi seemed to handle things pretty well this time and Isaiah seemed to know that he wasn't feeling quite right - he actually told us before he started vomiting!!! Isaiah never ceases to amaze me.

I am quite frustrated that there isn't more we can do (physically) to prevent these episodes. It's a helpless place to be. If all the episodes were like this one, it might not be so bad . . . if you are the type to compare things. It's just that this episode might have been just as bad had it not occurred when it did and had we not acted faster . . . completely God that we caught it so quickly. I can also say that His peace helped me get through without a tear - even Isaiah didn't cry! He's such a little trooper!!! God is working in this little guy for His glory.

During VBS this week, we briefly discussed the verse in Mark that talks about Jesus healing the blind man. When people asked Jesus who had sinned to cause the man's blindness, Jesus answered that it wasn't because of anyone's sin, but that God was using the blindness to glorify Him. Of course, Pastor Jay was talking about sin not directly causing the man's blindness, but the fact that God was using this man's ailment for His glory that stuck out to me. I have to admit that tears were in my eyes just thinking about this. It's amazing how God works in our lives and uses even those who cannot communicate just yet to reveal Himself.

I'm not even going to talk about whether or not God causes the illness, but I'm amazed at how God can take something so negative and use it for something positive. Honestly, I have no desire to ask God why - He knows and that's good enough for me. I'm not so sure I could handle His answer. There are definitely times where I want to be angry at someone for my baby going through all of this - the mother in me makes me want to attack whatever is causing my baby pain. I want to blame someone for everything Isaiah is going through. The hardest part is that there isn't anyone to be angry with or to blame (you know, physically at least). =0) Of course, I'd be glad to kick satan's butt for this (usually I use the word tush, but I'm not exactly keeping this kid-friendly here), but I know that there is more to this than just his horrible plan for my son. I guess that's where being angry at this "masto" comes in. Sometimes I want to scream at this "masto". Oddly enough, however, this "masto" is really a bunch of cells that exist in everyone's body . . . Isaiah's are just a little over-reactive. Something created to work properly that just don't want to work the way they're supposed to.

My brain hurts right now. I am tired, but I feel like I am on alert. Grrrr, adrenaline. =0) I will post more later - especially about Isaiah's fun time at VBS!!!!! =0) I also have some pics to post . . . but since my brain is ready for rest, that'll have to wait until later. =0)

Please keep Isaiah and my dad in your prayers (and thank you for praying)!!!!

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