Thursday, June 11, 2009

Very Quick Update on Isaiah . . .

I figured I would let you guys know that the allergists at All Children's reviewed the pics of Isaiah's reaction last night and want to see him on Friday in St. Pete. If we have any more reactions like the one last night, we are to go straight to the ER and have the ER contact the doctor on call. The allergists are concerned that Isaiah's body is just not getting over the last reaction. There was also brief talk of prednisone again (he stopped prednisone about 2 weeks ago).

On the bright side, Isaiah is doing a little better today. He still has a residual rash on his face and chest from last night, and continued to have the dark circles under his eyes and pale skin. He has also been spitting up quite a bit today (which had subsided). The leg pain was off and on today, though he seemed to be doing pretty good this evening before he went to bed. I did notice that his lips were swollen tonight.

Thank you guys so much for your encouraging words and for your prayers - they mean so much to us!! I will keep you posted.


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