Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few Goodies =0)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention . . . THE COOKBOOKS ARE READY!!!! =0) Remember the cookbook I talked about a while ago (the one from MastoKids)??? Yup, it's ready. Well, it has been for a while, I just forgot to write about it. =0} However, it's a wonderful book with a ton of yummy-sounding recipes. I just purchased mine, so I haven't had the time to try it out yet (I also have to modify the recipes so they will be safe for Isaiah . . . this is a regular cookbook, folks). =0) Seriously, a regular cookbook, not an allergy cookbook (though there are about 26 recipes in there from my modified stash and conglomerations that are safe for Isaiah and people just like him). There is even a pic of Isaiah in there. =0)

If you're interested in purchasing one, please visit http://www.mastokids.org/. The money used to purchase the cookbook will go to Masto Kids to further research and awareness of mastocytosis.

You can also help support further research and awareness by purchasing some of their other goodies, such as car magnets, bracelets (the silicone ones), medical and other informational brochures, little cards that explain spots (they even work to explain Isaiah's rashes), pins, t-shirts, pens, writing tablets, etc. So, you can also purchase a few other goodies to give as gifts for birthdays and such, or to give to yourself . . . hint-hint. =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

what a great idea! Cookbooks are always great to give as gifts. So neat that Isaiah has his picture in this one! Tell everyone we said hi!