Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Not Me Monday! (on Tuesday) =0)

Okay, so I really need to post these on Monday . . . but it still counts, right???? =0)

Thank you, McMamma, for this wonderful idea!!! =0)

Okay, so here it goes . . .

I did not totally allow my 3-year old to eat 5 candy canes in a row . . . I would never allow such a horrible thing!

I did not let my tornado of a son race through the living room and empty the contents of the toy box onto the living room floor . . . again. Nope, couldn't possibly allow that one!

I didn't even let him go to bed without having him pick those toys up, either. Nope, that would never happen in my house . . . never!

I totally did not bribe my son with a candy cane. I did not tell him that if he would just eat his breakfast that he could have one of those yummy, red-striped candies (Isaiah-safe ones, too) if he would just eat his "yucky" oatmeal. Nope, that's totally not me.

I also did not allow him to pour sugar (and real Maple syrup) on his oatmeal. That's just unhealthy!

I did not use older photos of Isaiah because my camera just happens to be in the room where he's sleeping . . . nah, I wouldn't do a thing like that!

I did not accidentally cut too much of his hair because he was wiggling. Nope, I would never cut Isaiah's hair - that's to be done by "professionals." Besides, I love those curls!

I did not think Isaiah was completely adorable while he was eating his special chocolate dinosaur (that was made just for him) . . . chocolate everywhere! Nope, Isaiah's a neat and tidy eater, he would never have all that chocolate on his face . . . hands . . . arms . . . legs . . . shirt . . . chair . . . table . . . =0) Nope, not my son. =0)

And of course, one for Isaiah . . .

Isaiah did not make fun of me, again, for screaming at that huge spider that I killed with a flip-flop. Nah, he's way too sweet for that! ;0)

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