Friday, October 17, 2008

An Article of Interest

I have posted this article to try and get some responses to give back to our school district. While I understand the reasoning behind this new policy, I also understand that my child cannot possibly be responsible for his own Epi Pens. For one thing, he's a child - he's not going to want to inflict pain upon himself while he is already in pain. Besides, the Epi is designed to be used by regular people - it's not exactly rocket science. Secondly, when he needs the Epi it's more than obvious that he needs it - there's no time to wait for the school nurse, it just happens way too quickly. Another issue is the possible misuse of the Epi - is my son going to be held responsible for someone else misusing his Epi Pens and isn't there a possibility that Isaiah could also misuse the Epi (after all he is a curious little guy like most kids). There are just too many things I could list, but I will spare all of you. =0)

Here is the article . . . (you may be able to click on the image to enlarge it)

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