Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday . . .

Update on my Mom:

Yup, you read it correctly - my Mom. She had an endoscopy today and found out that she has ulcers! She hasn't had too much pain (apart from a little pressure and chest pain), but nothing that worried her too much). She also had to have esophagus widened because she was having trouble swallowing (the reason for the endoscopy in the first place). The doctor said he thinks the ulcers could be bacterial or from a medication she is taking, so he took some cultures (or biopsies). I'll keep you posted.

Just keep her in your prayers as well - I had mentioned she was going through a few health things herself, but never really mentioned what she had said . . . until she said it was okay to post it on here. =0) She is a little groggy from the anesthesia (she had a colonoscopy less than a week ago), but she is doing okay. She had trouble with dizziness and grogginess today, but that's to be expected after being anesthetized twice in one week!

As I said, I'll keep you posted. =0)


Isaiah's day . . .

1. Wake up and eat breakfast

2. Play with trains

3. Play pretend . . . or hide and go seek

4. "Walk the dog"

5. "C'mon, doggie!" =0)

6. Go for a ride on a "roller coaster" (no idea where he got that one from) =0)

7. Laugh a bit

And how do you get a bicycle up a hill????


8. Re-decorate the Christmas tree, again! =0)

Which explains where this ornament came from:

Not so bad, you say?

The thing is HUGE! =0) My son and his taste in decoration!

9. Lunch and dinner are in there somewhere, along with a bath. But, those are just all in the details.

10. Time for bed! =0)

. . . and a little message and a song from Isaiah. =0)

(you'll have to turn your speakers back up for the song . . . "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" . . . apparently a new favorite along with "Deck the Halls" ) =0)

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Myglutenfreeboy said...

Aww, those videos were so sweet, he is a cutie.
I hope your mom feels better soon and gets some answers from the procedures :0).