Monday, December 8, 2008

"Not Me Monday" and Cookbook!!! =0)

Thanks to MckMama, I have the " Not Me!" Monday bug. It's a really cool idea - it's the therapy everyone needs on, say, a weekly basis! =0)

Hmmmm, let's see . . . what did I not do this past week . . .

I did not let my son wear the same shirt two days in a row because he had a fit when I tried to take it off of him. First of all, my son would never do that. Secondly, I always wash his clothes after he wears them (you know, before he wears them again).

I also did not let my son run around the hospital yesterday. They did not have a wonderful Christmas program for lighting this huge, non-existent tree . . . and it was really not cool. Okay, so it was really cool - this is not the type of thing you would see up north! The mayor even spoke about God and JESUS! =0) The Chaplain at the hospital (who also prays with the staff throughout the day . . . and prays for the patients as well) even said a prayer ending with, "In the name of Jesus!" !!!! =0) Soooo cool!
(And for further clarification . . . my Dad was not in the hospital . . . it was a Christmas program held at the hospital, nobody was ill or admitted). =0)

I did not laugh and almost cry at my son's excitement over the lighting of the huge "non-existent" tree. It wasn't one of those, "I'm so proud of you" moments, and Isaiah wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs, "Oh! It's turned on! It's beautiful! GORGEOUS!!!" =0)

I did not take a ton of pictures of my goober this weekend. I only have about 100 or so pictures of him this month anyway (okay, so 360 to be exact, 240 before this past weekend), so why would I take more???? =0)

I did not actually consider buying Spike the dinosaur for my amazing son because he wants it sooo badly. I wouldn't dare! I mean, seriously, that thing is waaaaaay to expensive. . . . but it's really cool . . . but I wouldn't! =0)

Oh, yeah, Isaiah did not run into yet another pole while he walking. Even if he did, I still wouldn't giggle at the thought of it . . . I mean, I have ran into my share of things as well . . . or I guess I could say that I have not run into those things . . . =0)

(Sorry, no pic of the pole) =0)

I also forgot to mention that Isaiah did not totally flip out upon seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus at the festival that didn't happen. He did not get so excited to see them that he started waving and screaming, "It's the real Santa!" Nope, Isaiah wouldn't do that . . . especially since I have told him that Santa isn't real, but is yet another symbol of how we should all be giving and cheerful in doing so.


On to the cookbook . . . MastoKids has been compiling a bunch of recipes over the past month or so for a cookbook to raise money and awareness for Mastocytosis research. There is even an allergy section for those of us with kiddos (or even for adults) who suffer from food allergies. There are well over 250 recipes in this book (I have no idea how many I submitted, but I have allergy-friendly recipes in there, too).

The cookbooks will cost around $12 to $15 dollars - there are some special features in the book (including quotes from masto moms and pics of the little ones as well). If you are a member of MastoKids, there is a 25% discount, but chances are that if you are a member of MastoKids, you already knew about the cookbook and have received the e-mails. =0) Anyway, the cookbook will be submitted to the printer/publisher in mid-January, and the books should be ready sometime in February or March. They will make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts . . . or Mother's Day gifts!!! ;0)

Right now, MastoKids is trying to get an estimate on how many people might actually buy the cookbook, so as not to print too many books. If you are interested in purchasing a cookbook, please leave a comment on this post so that I can count you in. You are not obligated to purchase the book at this time - so, no worries if your account is running a little low this month, they're just trying to get an estimate. I know that I am in for one - I'm so interested in seeing all the yummy concoctions in that book that can be altered to suit Isaiah's diet! So, just leave a comment if you're interested!

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