Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Quick Update . . .

Last night was a rough night for my dad, not to mention today. This morning, my mom had a rough time trying to wake him up. He was blue. Not cold, but blue. Once she got him awake, he was glossy-eyed but was able to talk to her. He said that his hands and feet felt like there were pins or needles pricking them.

Throughout the day, he has just not been himself. My dad usually enjoys decorating for Christmas, but asked for our help today while he sat and watched (but mostly slept). He was really pale today and slept a lot. He even got very winded and had difficulty pulling an air compressor. It was heavy, but not that heavy - I took it from him and wheeled it into the garage (something he hated letting me do, and he definitely let me know it)! It wasn't that hard to pull - my dad usually doesn't have a problem with stuff like this. It's strange territory for all of us.

This is all quite scary - I know my mom won't sleep well tonight just because she doesn't want anything to happen to him without her being able to help him.

Please, keep praying for him. If you read this tonight, please say a few prayers for him. I know that God has more planned for him - God has brought him so far. Please also pray that my dad knows that God is still with him - I think he is feeling a little discouraged both physically and spiritually. He knows God is faithful, but he still has so many questions. I really want to see joy and peace back in his life.

I will keep you guys posted - and thanks for your prayers!


Carla said...

I'm praying for him, and so sorry he is feeling so awful. I also read your other post below it and LOVE the last mad face! Looks just like what Gavin does. Love it : )

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

I'm praying!