Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Isaiah . . . and My Parents =0)

Isaiah is having itching issues again. =0( The Prednisone isn't helping anymore. It cleared up the rashes (even those hard to get rid of patches on the soles of his feet), then, it seems like his body just got used to it. The rashes slowly started to come back and now he itches in the middle of the night . . . and all day. He's waking up in the middle of the night crying, too. He even has his first canker sore (probably from the Prednisone - it can do that). So, he hasn't been eating well, again.

He's taking it well, though. He still smiles throughout the day (even though he has moments of crankiness) and he continues to play, too. He's tired, but resting isn't an option (especially now that we have Spike, Elmo, and Thomas here to play with him)! =0) He is also into this globe - he says he's flying (Little Einsteins Globe - he loves it). =0) He has also been cooking in his kitchen: birthday cakes, pizzas, steaks, eggs, birthday cupcake snacks, cookies, soup - he has such an imagination! =0) Hmmmm, maybe one day he'll help me figure out these allergy recipes!

I should also mention that my Dad was up most of the night in pain. He wouldn't tell me what hurt (he was too groggy to speak much), but he just said he was hurting. So, I got out his new electric blanket, warmed it up for him, and covered him up. He slept a little, but now he's outside working like crazy - he's keeping his mind off the pain. You can tell he's not feeling well, though - he's pale and not himself. Yesterday, when his friend stopped by, he fell asleep during their "conversation." I feel so bad that nothing seems to relive his pain. And I found the thermostat back up to 80 . . . even with the blanket! =0) Between Isaiah and my dad, there's no temperature that works for the both of them! I was hoping the blanket would help with my dad so that the house could remain cooler . . . guess I was wrong. =0)

It was so good to hear my Dad laugh this past week. Isaiah and my Dad really get each other going! =0) They are definitely buddies. It has been cute to watch the two of them watch Christmas movies over the past 2 or 3 weeks. Of course, Isaiah will probably still want to watch those Christmas movies throughout the rest of the year as well, but it's still nice to see the two of them share a chair and be glued to the screen for a little bit. =0)

Since I am still writing =0), I figure that I should also mention that my Mom is feeling better as well. The antibiotic hasn't been bothering her quite as much and she has also adjusted to the antacid (Prilosec). The pressure she was feeling is gone, as well as the nausea and the side effects of the Prilosec. Thanks for praying for her!!

That's all for now. =0)

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Myglutenfreeboy said...

Sorry to hear that Isaiahs rashes are coming back again :0( . Owen has been rashy around his mouth again as well, seems like these guys can't catch a break.