Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Chanukah! & Not Me Monday

First things first, I wanted to ask you to pray for Emerson:

She is a really brave little girl who needs your prayers tonight. Please, also remember her family as well.


I forgot to post this last night, so . . . . . . (sorry if you have received this post 3 times . . . I was trying to fix the text color) =0) . . . .

Happy Chanukah!!!

I just love this time of year! =0) All the lights and the warmth of the season . . . Jesus is just so cool! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!


And, since it is also "Not Me!" Monday . . . Thank, you, McMama!!! =0)

I totally did not let my son sleep in until 11 this morning. I wouldn't do that! I mean, yeah, it's nice to snuggle with a sleeping baby (or child), but to let them sleep until 11 (or more like 11:30)???? Nah, I wouldn't do such a thing!

I also totally did not forget to send out my Christmas cards last week. I mean, my schedule is not that full that I would forget to do such a thing . . . just so you know, your card may get to you after Christmas . . . or not. =0)

I did not decide to give Isaiah chocolate chip waffles for dinner tonight. I mean, really, that's a breakfast food right? And with those lovely Enjoy Life! chocolates??? That's not healthy, is it? What kind of mother am I???

I did not decide to go to bed last night instead of picking up my son's mess - I'm a responsible mommy, I always pick up. Eh-hem. =0)

I did not decide to leave the fish tank alone after cleaning it several times a week failed . . . miserably (it kept turning green with algae, so I was trying to keep it clean). And the tank isn't finally clearing up after 2 or 3 weeks of not cleaning it. Who knew????

And, of course, I can't forget one for Isaiah . . .

Isaiah did not see Santa yet again this week. I mean that would make 4 or 5 times that the child has stopped in the mall just to tell Santa that he wanted, "Spike the [Ultra] Dinosaur . . . Just a Spike." 4 or 5 times?!? That's just crazy! He would never do that . . . or would he???? =0)

Of course, I seriously did not consider taking everything I had already gotten Isaiah back to the store just to get Spike, either. . . . . . . . =0) ROAR! =0)

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stitching under oaks said...

did you do it? is he getting spike? the suspense is killing me! How's the sweater coming?

Merry Merry!