Monday, December 29, 2008

I guess today is one of those days . . .

I have yet another prayer request - this time for Stellan. I do have a button for Stellan somewhere on my page. If you click on it, you'll be able to read all about little Stellan and his family. Stellan is a miracle - he wasn't supposed to be alive right now. But, God healed him of a heart defect and little Stellan was born a healthy baby. Stellan needs your prayers, again. Today, he was admitted to the hospital with RSV (a very serious virus for young babies). He hasn't been intubated yet, but he has stopped breathing a few times because his lungs are so inflamed. His heart is acting up again, but the doctors think that it's probably from the RSV and not from heart failure (like he had while in the womb).

For more updates, you can visit McMama's page at: .


Not Me! Monday

Even though it's one of those days, this is great therapy (thank you McMama)!

I did not let the fish tank continue to go uncleaned . . . and it is not clear! =0)

I did not let Isaiah wear pajamas all day on Christmas . . . I always dress my child. And I did not allow him to stay that way until Uncle Keith and Aunt Michele came (at 6pm) - that would be insane! What kind of a mother am I, anyway?

I did not allow my son to run around in the front yard with a shirt and his big boy underwear on. I mean, really. That's just inappropriate! Even if he had his pull-ups on under the underwear, that doesn't make them shorts!!! =0) (Yeah, those green things are actually Thomas underwear)

I am not going to make sugar cookies right now for my son who is begging for them. It's 9:21 right now . . . there is no way I am baking those things tonight!

(9:45) I did not mix up the cookies for my little man. They are not in the freezer firming up and I am not going to attempt to bake them tonight. . . . . =0)

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