Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My "Not Me" Monday . . . on Tuesday . . . Again =0)

Sorry, I just do not have too much to do in soooo little time to do it in . . . ;0)

Thanks, to MckMama, I am pleased to bring you yet another "Not Me" Monday post.

I did not allow Isaiah to stay up late the night before Thanksgiving to eat 2 pieces of his special pumpkin pie - I wouldn't do that! I mean, it's just insane that I would let my child stay up that late! =0) And he most certainly did not eat 2 pieces of the special apple pie (I made just for him) for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Apple pie????? For breakfast?!?!?!?


I did not totally stuff myself on Thanksgiving with stuffing and my favorite turkey . . . and mashed potatoes . . . and whipped cream (I'm talking the real stuff) . . . I wouldn't do that (even though I haven't had whipped cream in well over 2 years).

I did not take my son to see "Santa Claus" twice this past week. I wouldn't dare! He wouldn't beg to go back, either. =0)

While at the mall for the second time, my son did not run into a cart in the middle of an isle at Sears. I did not laugh, why would I? I mean that would be horrible, right? I wouldn't laugh at something like that . . . and I most certainly did not cry when I noticed that he had actually gotten hurt. Poor guy. (If you look close, you'll see . . . or won't see . . . a little bruise on his forehead and a cut next to his nose - yeah, he hit the cart that hard . . . poor guy)

(oh, yeah, notice the cheeks???? They are a tad chubbier) =0)
Oh, yeah, my son did not explain to Santa that he bit my nephew on the arm and proceed to show him how he did it on his own arm. Nah, my child wouldn't do that! Never!!! =0) He also did not tell Santa that he really wanted Spike the dinosaur and that Mommy was supposed to go and buy this insanely expensive toy. He also did not totally make Santa laugh so hard you could see tears in his eyes when he decided to act like Spike the dinosaur . . . nope, not at all!

And, Isaiah most certainly did not ask to go back to see Santa so that he could play with his train . . . nope, he surely did not . . . and we won't be planning another trip back to the mall within the next few days just so Isaiah can see his favorite Santa (who also happened to see Isaiah at the church on voting day . . . and on another occasion) and the train (the real reason Isaiah wants to go back). =0) Seriously, though, this guy is everywhere! =0)

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Myglutenfreeboy said...

LOL, my boys also did not eat Owen's special apple pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving. How unhealthy would that be :0)